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The Sites make use of browser cookies for the purpose of customizing your online experience and identification of authenticated users. Browser cookies must be enabled for the Sites in order for authentication and product delivery services to function correctly. Any cookies issued by any of the Sites are for the sole use of said Sites and do not provide information to any external "data mining" organizations.


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All personal information collected by the Sites is used for user identification and is never sold nor offered to any external persons or organizations. The Sites are not responsible for the privacy statements or policies of any external sites referenced within the Sites.

Please note that posting any personal or sensitive information in public forums or discussion areas of this Sites may be collected by others visiting the Sites. Please do not post such information to areas of the Sites where it might be displayed to the general public.


Personal Information Security

The Sites employ measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information stored in our databases or log files. In the event that unauthorized access occurs all affected users will be notified and every reasonable effort will be made on our part to identify the problem.

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