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Arathi Basin PvP Guide

This guide gives a good basic understanding of how to win Arathi Basin. This guide is what I call a map of success to winning at AB. Do you find your group getting defeated extremely easy over and over again? Follow this guide and you can see the odds turning around in your favor. Not only does it explain the different nodes available it also gives good tactics and different advantages that can be used.

The main idea of Arathi Basin (AB for short) is to control the flags for as long as you can. Each flag you get gives resources to your team and the first to reach 2000 wins. If you get 5 it is possible to win in 6 minutes and this includes the time waiting at the start.




The 5 nodes:

Stables: This is always taken by alliance at the start. It is probably sensible to send somebody with a slow mount and not great armour to guard it as they can always call for others to help them. It can be accessed from a bridge on the river side and also from the mine and blacksmith so can be attacked easily if unguarded.

Mine: This is basically on a lower level than the rest of the map. You donít need to go into the mine but I sue it as a place to shadow meld if I need to defend it. It is easily defended because it only has 2 routes to get to it from either side and can be seen from a long way. This is always contested.

Lumber Mill: This is the same as the mine except that it is above instead of below the map. Because of this itís the easiest place to defend in game because you can see all around you. I would suggest taking this before the mine as itís easier to defend and helps the rest of the fight.

Farm: The horde equilivant of the Stables. Same as the stables let a worse equipped guy defend it through out the battle. The GY is fairly far away from the flag so it takes longer to get there than at other places except the blacksmith.

Blacksmith: This is slap bang in the middle of the map and most people normally rush here. If either team takes it, it means they can follow on to try to take the others in quick succession. But itís the hardest to defend. There are 2 bridges connecting it to the rest of the land as it is an island. Also there are another 2 places which can be accessed by swimming from the other side. This is the most important place on the map because it can attack everywhere else easily.


In PUGS (Pick up Groups) donít expect to win 4-1 or 5-0. The best bet is to go for 3-2. IF you have a large amount of people with epic mounts id suggest rushing to the Blacksmith and the lumber mill and taking those. Make sure you take farm or stables depends which side you are. Then place 3 people on each flag and have the others all attacking one place so they donít have much chance to attack back.

This is a tactic which I use in premade groups. We send around 1-2 people to each node except stables/farm and blacksmith. 1 person stays at the stables while the others at mine and lumber mill defend as well. All of the rest of the raid take the blacksmith but do not stop and plough through leaving 1 person there yet again. Then we usually use this force to help take LM or mine if needing help or just go for farm. Then we camp the graveyard of the hall so there is no threat.


IF you are rank 6 or over which most people are at 60 then go to the hall of champions not sure of horde version and buy some pots. These are a lot cheaper because they can only be used in BG but are very effective and help a lot. Also if you can it is wise to purchase a battle standard as 10% health is quite a big improvement if you have around 5000 like I do. Also make you have food and water from a mage so you can quickly get health and mana back before going of to fight again. Also bandages are useful but not entirely useful because you will probably be hit when using them that is why pots are generally better.

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