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Stripping your World of Warcraft character naked


Have fond memories of going around in games like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance or Neverwinter Nights naked, slaying rats or any other low-level creatures? Well, you can do the same thing - or you can just run around naked screaming about a magic missile for an hour or two in Stormwind. Not that I've done that, you know, but anyway!


Getting your World of Warcraft character naked just takes the basic knowledge of the game setup, and a few empty slots in your bag. If you don't have the empty slots, you can sell anything you don't need, or place items in the bank for retrieval later. You could also ask a friend to hold the items for you, if you're in a group, but be careful - you might never see those items again.


Open your backpack or bag (Hotkey B for your backpack, hotkey's F8 - F11 for other bags), and then open your character menu (Hotkey C). Left click once on a piece of your clothing that you wish to remove - pants, shirt, shoes, anything - and move your curser to an empty slot in your bag. Next to your curser should be a smaller image of your item - if not, you need to click again. Just left click the empty slot to place the item in your bag. Do that for every piece of clothing you have on you.

And tah-dah. You're naked. There's really not much to it - unless you want to look good while naked. Then there's something much more to this.


Your attractiveness depends on what race you are, and if you're male or female. Here's a low-down on how attractive your WoW character will be when he or she is actually naked.





Night Elves
Hands down, the most attractive race of the Alliance, the Night Elves look great both clothed and naked. There's not too much to say about the naked male Night Elf, but the female has a slightly off body shape, and the ribs protruding not only don't fit with the stomach, but give the torso an awkward look. Still, you have to admit, the Night Elves can really get their dance on.


The humans aren't too bad looking, as long as you keep their clothes on. Both the female and male are a little on the - how you say, chunky side, and they do not wear flattering underwear. Not very appealing to the eye, but somehow guys who play women and dance naked in Goldshire still get stuff. Hey, we all have to make a living, right?


The Dranei, one of the new races that came with the Burning Crusade expansion, are the ugliest Alliance race. No question about it. The men are wide and brutish, and the women - well, their legs are just disgusting. Although, while I have nothing good to say about the men, the women's facial features are rather attractive, in their own, blue way, and their bodies are much better sculpted then the gnomes or dwarves.


The dwarves are short-ish, squat creatures that aren't at all attractive or appealing to the eye. Most male dwarves have long beards which take away from the rest of their face, and the choices for

women's facial structure or hair aren't very nice at all.


I have the same complaint about the gnomes as the dwarves - their shorter, though, and even less attractive naked. No one, and trust me, no one, wants to see a naked gnome dance. I'll leave it at that.



Blood Elves
A beautiful race! The blood elves were the other race to come with the expansion, and they are the most attractive race in the entire game, no questions asked. Slim, sleek bodies framed by a smooth, visually appealing face and surprisingly nice hair styles. Their jump is smooth and fluent, with a graceful landing style, and they look the best naked, by far.


All Other Horde Races
These races aren't something that you want to see naked. The Undead, Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls should never take their clothes off, ever.





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