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Hellfire Citadel Boss Strategies


Suggested level:

The Hellfire Ramparts: 5-Players, Level 60-62

The Bloodfurnace: 5-Players, Level 61-63

The Shattered Halls: 5-Players, Level 70

The Hellfire Ramparts

Vazruden The Herald:


Allies - A Dragon and a couple of sentries



Vazruden is pretty easy, just kill his sentries, him, then move onto the dragon. Keep in mind both sentries can be CC'ed so sheep one, drop the other, then kill the last. Afterwards drop Vazruden before killing his dragon.


Nazan, The Dragon:

Fireball - Nazan will shoot fireballs at random party members dealing around 850-950 damage. Each fireball will cause a small fire patch at the location it hits dealing 400 damage a second within a small radius.

Fire Cone - Small close range cone attack, hit's whoever has aggro also leaving the fire patch same as the fireball.



Nazan is killed after Vazruden, the rider, he should be moved to the center of the platform allowing the party to surround him and spread out. Your tank will need to move each time the dragon fires off a cone of fire/fireball to avoid the fire patch, just have him go clockwise/counter-clockwise.

Everyone else just needs to move if he throws a fireball at them, this fight's rather easy.


Omor the Unscarred:


Summon Hound - Omor will summon his fel hunter hound throughout the fight, kill it.

Treacherous Aura - Curse Aura, repeatedly deals 360-440 shadow damage to anyone within 15 yards, removable.



Spread out around Omor, this allows you to nullify the effect of his 15 yard range aura on all except the melee. Omor will summon his fel hunter pet periodically during the fight, keep a hunter or any other DPS class on hound duty to negate this weak summon.

Besides the pitiful hound summoning and the rather weak aura Omor is a piece of cake, eat him.



Watchkeeper Gargolmar:


Surge - Charges a randomly selected party member for 300-600 damage, causes knock down effect on target.

Unprepared - Once Gargolmar reaches 50% HP he will yell for healing from his minions.



Gargolmar patrols back and forth, make sure to clear the trash and adds throughout his patrol route before engaging him. Once you've double checked the path as clear have the tank pull him, he has two guards as well, Hellfire Watchers, take them out before fighting Gargolmar.

As with the other bosses spread out the ranged classes to prevent multiple members from being hit with the surge/charge attack.




The Blood Furnace





Poison Cloud - He drops these clouds targeted under himself, in the cloud you'll take around 650 damage each tick of damage.

Poison Bolts - Each bolt deals 650-720 damage, has an attatched DoT effect dealing 320-380 every 3 seconds. Removable.



This first phase is rather more of an endurance fight then a straight up tank n spank. Pulling the switch at the end of the room begins the event so don't let anyone too curious get close to it.

There are a total of 4 waves. The first wave is a non-elite wave, easy to burn down. The second and beyond contain elite orcs however, making them rather hard comparatively. When fighting the elite orcs i recommend CC'ing the Neophytes, they are a bit more uncontrollable then any other types and thus can screw you over quite easily.


When taking down a wave make sure to CC the last mob and regen mana before killing and continuing. There is no time limit in place so you can Sheep and regen as much as needed before beginning the next wave.

After the 4 waves are dead Broggok will come down and engage you, as he casts his Point Bolts make sure to cleanse. Another thing is your tank will need to move each time he drops a poison cloud, pulling him away from the cloud so melee can move in again.


Keli'Dan the Breaker:

Blastwave - Deals 4000-4500 damage, ouch. Run out of it's range.

Shadow Bolts - Fires off multiple shadow bolts dealing 2000-3000 damage per bolt. Targets in a cone effect.

Corruption - Shadow DoT



Start the fight pulling the 5 warlocks surrounding the boss, they are CC'able and can also be AoEd if you have the damage ability for it. The Warlocks will cast shadow bolts as well as cursing you with


"Mark of Shadow."

This debuff increases the shadow damage taken by up to 1100, lasting two minutes. Remove it if possible otherwise keep as many warlocks CC'ed as possible while killing one at a time. As soon as the warlocks go down the boss aggro's.

Tank should grab the boss and turn him away from the party as soon as possible, this prevents his cone shadow bolt attack from hitting anyone besides the tank. As the fight goes on make sure to dispell the Corruptions he'll be casting.

Randomly during the battle he will become immune to damage, kneeling down and yelling out at the same time. This is the trigger for his charging of the blastwave attack, everyone in melee needs to run out as fast as possible.


The Maker:


Mind Control - Randomly targets and mind controls a player

Acid Cone - Short range poison cone attack.

Knockback - knocks back all players in melee range.



The maker is a rather dull but easy boss, easily tankable and a small health bar combined make this somewhat of a joke to any good party. The boss does moderate damage really, so unless you happen to get a very bad MC at an unreasonable time you shouldn't be in any danger.

The only complication is the un-removable mind control, sheep anyone hit by this and continue banging on the boss. if you lack a mage chain-fear works just as well, just make sure the warlock keeps up DPS on the boss while paying attention to the party for MC.




The Shattered Halls


Grand Warlock Nethekurse:


Dark Spin - Triggered at 20% HP, this hits all targets near Nethekurse as well as firing off shadow bolts every few seconds dealing 1-2k damage each.

Death Coil - Deals 1200-2000 shadow damage, also fears the target for 4 seconds. This heals Nethekurse for 2600 HP.

Shadow Fissure - A shadow fissure opens up under the party dealing 1000 damage a second.



First priority, slaying the three fel orcs in the bosses room. Single pull and pound them one at a time; once the third and final orc goes down Nethekurse will enter combat. The tank should position himself in the middle of the room allowing other party members to avoid the shadow fissures as well as allowing the tank to move out of them easily.

It's an easy tank n spank till 20%, when he starts to dark spin he dosen't stop until death. Go full out DPS and burn him down as quickly as possible before you run out of heals/mana.

Warbringer O'mrogg:

Blast Wave - This will be triggered when O'mrogg's maul starts burning, each melee hit with his burning weapon deals around 1k fire damage leading up to a 2500-3100 damage blast wave. A few seconds after the initial blast wave he'll launch off another one as well.

Fear - Generic shout AoE fear, 40 yard range.

Thunderclap - short range AoE dealing 800-1000 damage, also reduces attack speed and movement by 35%.



O'mrogg is a generally tough fight, as are most of the shattered halls encounters. Keeping everyone especially careful of threat managment is crucial on this fight, what with the multiple AoE's O'mrogg has if he runs wild it can mean a wipe pretty easily.

Now, as mentioned above O'mrogg has a few quite competent AoE abilities, the fear and his blast wave, and thus you will be putting his large room to good use. First thing is that like most fights you'll want to position him in the center of the room, this allows a few classes to avoid the 40 yard fear, similar to magmadar's.

Whenever O'mrogg begins to charge his blast wave attack all melee except for the tank should immediately flee, this prevents them from getting back to back nuked for around 6000 damage.

Besides the AoE's, fear and blast wave, he's not quite so hard. Keep the tank topped off throughout the blast waves and you should be sailing clear through this fight.



Warchief Kargath Bladefist:


Add's - Sharpshooter, Reaver, and even Heathen guards will invade from the north to prevent you from downing Kargath. Thankfully non elite.

Blade Dance - Kargath bounces about the room cleaving everyone.



One thing to remain careful of in this fight is the elite assassin orcs that roam the room. It's a generally good idea to make certain alls clear before beginning the encounter, lest you pull a few assassins mid fight and wipe.


Now, once you've made certain the entire rooms clear you will, as usual, pull Kargath into the center of the room to tank. This allows everyone to get into the corners avoiding adds and the like while the tank takes center stage and attention.

Best method of dealing with the adds is to just burn em down the instant they come within range, letting them build up leads to a wipe more often then not. Positioning your healer/healers within sight/range of both the tank and the DPS killing adds is a good way to keep everything moving smoothly as well.

Another reason for the spread out formation is to prevent too much damage from Kargath's blade dances, this is him running wildly throughout the room cleaving, wasting only a small amount of mana on it.


If you can handle the adds while controlling Kargath the fights actually quite easy, strange that the "Warchief" is sometimes weaker then the previous bosses.




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