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Dire Maul North Tribute


You will need: 2 runethread, 4 runecloth bolts, 8 rugged leather. You will need a thorium widget and frost oil if you cant count on your group to not do really stupid stuff.

Your group should consist of at least 1 tank, and at least 1 form of CC. The thing is that if you don't have 2 tanks, you need a hunter to tank the observer, and if you don't have both sap and poly for CC, then you need 2 tanks.

For starters, go in, and kill the lone ogre standing out there. There is a really long patrol of 1 ogre and 2 dogs that goes around that courtyard, but it isn't worth waiting for. Just go in and keep an eye out for it. Now head down the steps. Don't aggro the ogres around the fire. Now stand at the base of the stairs on the right side. There will be a patrol of 3 dogs that will come to you after a short while. Take out those dogs and then move diagonally in between the 2 dog groups on the right side of the courtyard. Take out the group near the big rock. Then climb up the rock and wait there until everyone is ready. Make sure you dismiss your pet.

Have the tank jump from the big rock onto the upper balcony and then have the mage jump up and AoE. Have the healer jump up before they heal so that the aggro doesn't cause the little bugs to scatter every which way trying to go all the way around to get to the priest.




Next head on over towards the drunk, where you find a group of 3 ogres. This is where the routine starts. Either sap and poly 2 of them, or use your 1 form of CC on 1 of them and have the 2 tanks split the remaining 2. Keep an eye out for patrols. Head past the drunk without aggroing him, and take out the 2 ogres in the doorway. Be careful for dog patrols that come from behind them. After those 2 ogres are out of the way, head straight up to the wall, and hug it to the right around the corner. Be sure to dismiss your pet.

You now have 2 more easy AoE bug groups to take care of. Then have either the rogue or the hunter go up the ramp and take the key from the chest in the middle of the courtyard. There are patrols here including a guard, which is why I said rogue for stealth and hunter for emergency feign.

Go back down the ramp and head past it and turn left around the corner. Patrols come around this way so watch for them. When you reach a ramp, across from the ramp is a locked door. Use the courtyard key on it. You now are inside, away from patrols. Watch out for wandering eye's of kilrogg. They aren't invisible, but they will quickly spawn 2 netherwalkers, so make sure everyone tries to kill them if they sense your presence. You will see up ahead 2 ogres and a doom guard minion. The front ogre can be pulled separately, so do so. Then sap/poly the ogre and kill the doomguard, then kill the ogre. The next group is the same, only there is no single pull, so sap/poly both ogres (or sap/poly 1 and have each tank on 1 of the ogres and doomguard) and take out the doomguard, followed by ogres.

After this is one more group of AoE bugs. Now this next pull is VERY TRICKY. Go forward and you will see a guard pass by every so often and occasionally an eye of kilrogg. Also there will be a broken trap on the ground. Up straight ahead in the corner there is a group of 2 doomguards and 2 ogres. Here's the deal: you need to set that trap using the frost oil and thorium widget, but you cant set it with the group of ogres and doomguards there or else you will agro them. Also, you need to have the guard on patrol run into the trap without having it aggroed off course. What you need to do is make sure everyone but you and the mage stay back, FAR BACK. This may be difficult as people in pickup groups tend to be rather stupid. Anyways, you have the mage go foreward, and as soon as the guard passes by, have the mage poly 1 ogre, silence the other, and blink back to the group. As soon as he polymorths you move forward and set the trap. Then you go back to the group and help out. Make sure they let the mobs come to them, as they are casters and will stand still casting for a little while before moving. There will be a goblin in the corner where the group you just took out was. Ignore him right now.



After this avoid the group in the corner opposite from the group you just took out and hug the inside wall until you see a ramp. Do the usual sap/poly on the group at the base of this ramp, and take them out. Be careful when going up the ramp, because if you go to the top of the ramp the group at the top will aggro. So the rogue if you have one must sap first. Then the mage runs up and polys and everyone fights. There is 1 more group of ogres on this level guarding a box. Take them out like you normally would and open the box and take the OGRE TANIN. A level 59 mob will come down a ramp, but he's easy.

Head up that ramp and there will be 2 ogres on either side of a doorway to your left, and a group of ogres near a fire to your right. Ignore the ones on your right. Take out the 2 on the left with sap/poly/whatever. The door on the left here is locked and requires the INNER DOOR KEY. Well you get this from killing the very first guard in the first courtyard with dogs, but you cant kill him, can you? So you need a rogue with at least 295 lockpicking to do it for you, or you need a large seaforium charge.

Head in and you will see a group of ogres by the fire. The closest ogre is a single pull. Then take out the remaning 2 ogres + doomguard. After this you will see Krom'Crush. Aside from the fact that he's harder than the king, DONT TOUCH HIM. Go back down to the first floor where the goblin was. Since you have the TANIN now, you can make the suit. Go back up, use it, and then you can talk to Krom. You can find Krom later on after you kill the king if you want everyone to be able to get the quest he gives. Speak with him after you've used the ogre suit and tell him you have prisoners and whatnot. He will run off.

Next, go out of the hallway into this open area. You have a total of 3 groups of ogres, 1 group of dogs, and 1 patrol of dogs. You only have to take out 1 group of ogres. In this open area there will be a group of 3 to your left and a group of 2 to your right. Poly/sap one of the ones to your RIGHT from the group of 2, and PULL THE OTHER OGRE BACK INTO THE HALLWAY WHERE KROM WAS. The gordok captains fear, and getting feared into another group = death.

After this scout for the dog patrol. Sometimes it's just mixed in with the doge group. So you skip the ogre group to the left. Further ahead there is another ogre group to the right, and before then in the middle there is the group of dogs. Pull them and have your mage AoE them to death. It's not uncommon for the mage to die at this point, but just throw out a rez if they do bite it.

Now you can walk straight to the platform in the middle of the open area. Head up onto the platform from the broken part, and you will see the king and the observer. You cant kill the observer, but he will heal the king if he isn't dealt with. He will go away once the king dies. So here's the deal.

The main tank and everyone but the person that is tanking the observer is on the king. If your paladin is a main tank, GIVE HIM TIME TO BUILD AGGRO. The king hits hard and the king knocks back, so have the healer heal from the middle of the platform, because if they get knocked off, they wont be in line of sight to heal. If it's a paladin tanking the observer, then basically the main tank takes the king to the right side of the platform, and the paladin takes the observer to the left side. The paladin just holds the observers aggro, and heals himself while everyone else beats on the king. If a hunter is tanking the observer there are a few preparations. First off, there's no issue with separating them, because your pet's growl will hold aggro the whole time. Use aspect of the wild, because the observer uses nature spells. KEEP VIPER STING ON THE OBSERVER AT ALL TIMES. This means that by the time the king gets low enough on health for the observer to heal him, he wont have enough mana to do so even if something goes wrong and you die or your pet dies. So basically dont shoot the observer so you don't pull aggro off your pet, just use viper sting and turn off autoshot. Use mend pet when your pet gets low (half health to be safe). It's not a hard job, hunters are better at it than paladins.

Just some useful things to know. If your healer pulls aggro off the tank early on, you're screwed, it's a wipe. If the tank dies early on you're screwed too, but if the tank dies sort of later on, then if you have a rogue, immediately have the rogue grab aggro and turn on evasion. You'd be surprised how well this works and how easily the rogue survives if there's a healer. The problem is that once it runs out, the rogue drops. Just make sure that if the tank dies and the king is almost dead, just throw everything at the king. I've finished the fight with the king where I was the only one alive and an aimed shot crit finished him off when he was almost inside my minimum range.

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