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Make Money with Mounts


This is not an exploit but definitely a very useful trick. Ok, to do this -- you must be honored with Darnassus as a Night Elf or Exalted to Darnassus with any other race. You can also do this for your home town or where you're exalted. You'll also need to be PvP Rank 3 or higher.




1) Go to Darnassus , stand by the saber handler and show off your Tiger or

2) Talk in trade and ask for level 40's or above who need their mount and are short some on the 90g

2) Talk to any level 40 you see talking to the saber handler or who PM's you -- PM them and ask them what their current reputation is with Darnassus. Honored will give them a mount for 72g and friendly will cost them 90g.

3) Let them know that you can give it to them for (Your price here) -- as long it is cheaper than what they have to pay , they will most likely buy it ! Remember, it only costs you 64g because you get 10% off for being honored+ and 10% off for being Rank 3 in PVP which also makes Epic mounts 800g instead of 900g!

4) Buy the mount and trade it back with them.

5) You just made some easy gold !


This works the best with Night Elves because a lot of people on my server play Night Elves. Remember , when you're PvP rank 3 and above and have honored status, you can get the mount for only 64g (20% discount). I've done this once so far and it does work. Most people will trust you; you're helping both you and the level 40. You have to be really patient to do this. You won't run into level 40s all the time but if you help one level 40 buy his/her mount, you can tell them to let all their friends know about your cheaper mount deals ! This will also work for level 60's who want their epic, it saves them up to 100g. When I got my epic mount I lost rank 3 at the time and had to give someone 10g to travel to Darnassus and get it for me, saved me 90g though.


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