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Speaking to the Opposite Faction


The purpose of this project is to create a dictionary or lexicon that will allow players in Blizzard Software's MMORPG World of Warcraft to communicate between the different languages that each species uses. It has become apparent that an official venue for communication will not become available via Blizzard, so we are on our own in creating this resource. This is not a hack or against the TOS because you're simply learning the game. Just like learning a 2nd language. As long as you don't use a file to do this then you should be fine. I love to just yell to some horde about to gank me "L A t t f" which translates to N I G G A but you can get banned if reported for that.


Our first focus will be on two main languages, mainly:

* Alliance Common ( Common)
* Horde Common ( Orcish)

There are also the following sub languages:

* Dwarven
* Gnomish
* Darnassian
* Troll
* Taurahe
* Gutterspeak

Please visit the Language Annex for a list of all of the languages and the races that speak them.


The how and what of translating languages in World of Warcraft can be found here.

Please visit the Translation Annex for information on how the translation system in World of Warcraft works, as well as links to each language's lexicon.

Project maintained by Patrick Karjala, player of Noktwar on the Cenarion Circle server.

This site that has interesting information regarding ways of speaking to your oppossing faction in WoW without hacks. For more information visit here.


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